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3 Million Square Feet of Self Storage in 5 Years with Jon Marshalla and Andrew Freeman

June 29, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast! I’m your host, AJ Osborne!

Man do we have an incredible guest episode lined up for you guys today! It’s my pleasure to introduce Jon Marshalla and Andrew Freeman.

These guys started in the self-storage world in 2016 after building a wildly successful e-commerce business. Fast forward to today and they have over 3 million square feet of storage, with more facilities coming down the pipeline. To say these guys know how to grow and scale a business would be a massive understatement.

Building so much success in e-commerce, Jon and Andrew needed somewhere to place their capital. Which led them to self-storage (for a lot of the same reasons we all love the self-storage asset class). We talk about their experience purchasing their very first facility and what the process looked like for them, what they learned, what they saw immediately that they could do better to increase value and more.

Jon and Andrew also talk about the systems they’ve used and that they’re using today to help run the facilities. We also dive into scaling. To go from nothing to owning over 3 million square feet of storage in just a few years is incredible. These guys have made some huge changes recently to help keep that trajectory, mainly hiring a solid team to manage and sustain the growth. And one of the huge talking points of this episode that I want you all to take away is the process of building real relationships with storage owners and operators. They share the keys to how they’ve been able to build incredible relationships with other storage owners and how hugely beneficial that has been for them and their storage markets.

That said guys, jump in, take notes and learn from a couple of the best!

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