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6 Storage Facilities in 2 Years with Jon Farling

July 27, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast, I’m your host, AJ Osborne!

Do you know those people who are out there just who just always seem to be crushing it? Well, our guest today is that person and I’m excited to have him on the podcast for you guys. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Jon Farling.

Jon came from a family who had a bit of a real estate background. His parents owned a duplex and built spec homes. This helped to give the foundations to become a real estate investor… but NOT before he decided to go into sales… True, he wavered a bit, but like we always do as investors, Jon found his way back to real estate investing and started to think seriously.

At first, he was considering single-family rentals as his real estate investment of choice. Finding out though that that route would be far too slow for his desired growth, he decided to start looking at self-storage. Fast forward to today, just two years later and Jon has six facilities that he owns and operates. Super impressive! And we’re going to dive into how exactly he made this happen.

We talk about his first facility, how he’s finding deals, how he scaled so quickly in just two short years, and how to use the right tools in the right place.

Jon is a wealth of knowledge, be sure to soak it up, take notes, and get ready to start building self-storage empires.

Thanks for listening everybody!


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