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Breaking Into Self Storage Investing with Brian and Kelly Saari

July 13, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast, this is your host, AJ Osborne!

You know those kinds of people you meet that you immediately know they’re just great and genuine people? Well, our guests today are just that. I’m excited to introduce you all to Brian and Kelly Saari.

Through and through, this episode is packed with so much value, I can’t even tell you… How Brian and Kelly have gone from square one, step by step through the process to where they are today is absolutely incredible. They’re the absolute epitome of combining skills with resources and doing what it takes to make huge moves and make huge accomplishments.

Brian and Kelly share how they broke into the self-storage investing world from the buying of the land to them actually building their own storage facility… not with a builder… on their own. This is just one example of their go-getter mentality, their will, and their determination to simply get things done and to make things happen.

Outside of the physical assets themselves, we talk about how Brian and Kelly got started and some of the creative ways they went about getting their self-storage investment portfolio up and running. In addition to this, we talk about management tips, how to understand supply and demand in third-tier markets, and how to build a business that allows you the time and freedom that you’re looking for.

Now I’m just going to shut up and let you guys get to it because this is such an awesome episode. Enjoy, take notes, and listen in on this awesome journey that Brian and Kelly are on.

Thanks everybody!



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