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Getting Started in Self Storage Investing with 2 Conversions with James Reid

July 20, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast! I’m your host, AJ Osborne!

There are so many incredible stories out there of people who are getting their self-storage investing journey underway, and today I have a phenomenal episode lined up for you with self-storage investor James Reid. 

James has been in the game for about 4 years, has two storage facilities under his belt, and is continuing to work on building his storage legacy. James started this journey in a somewhat unorthodox way through… these first two storage facilities he’s built and invested in are conversions! Yep, he went all-in from day one and it was awesome being able to sit down with him and discuss how he made all this happen.

James shares why and how he got into self-storage investing after coming from the landscaping contracting world, we go in-depth on his very first storage deal (and conversion), how he found the deal, analyzed it, funded it, and more. James also shares some incredibly creative ways that he’s been able to successfully market his storage facilities while also helping to build and maintain a great community in these markets that he’s in.

We cover it all today and I’m super excited to share this out with you guys.

Thanks for listening everybody,



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