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Our Current Economy & How We Can Succeed

May 18, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income podcast, this is your host AJ Osborne!

As you’re probably aware, there’s A LOT of wacky things going on out there currently with the US Dollar, stimulus packages, and interest rates (and a ton of other crap I’m not even going to get into).

One huge aspect of today that we have to take into account is this - we’re in totally uncharted economic waters. There’s never been a time in history that we threw capitalism to the side and solely relied on the government to support everything. We’re living this right now. What happens when the stimulus stops? What happens when interest rates rise? What about inflation? We have some ideas as to the answers to these questions, but none of us have a crystal ball.

These are topics I wanted to be sure to discuss today on the podcast because I know so many of us are thinking about and asking the same questions.

We’re going to talk micro and macro economics and which you need to be focused on. We’re talking debt, capital, interest rates, consumer demand, and more.

The best thing we can ever do is to be educated enough to play the game and play the game well. To be able to protect our assets and continue to grow our wealth.

Thanks for listening everybody,



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