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How Technology Has and is Changing the Self Storage Industry with Lance Watkins

June 7, 2022

Welcome back everyone to the Self Storage Income Podcast!


I’m so excited to share this episode with you all because we have my great friend Lance Watkins on the podcast today. This isn’t his first appearance here on Self Storage Income Podcast and for good reason. Lance is one of the most influential people in the growth and development of the self storage industry. 


To start - it's no secret that technology has impacted and disrupted industries in a huge way. This hasn’t only changed those industries forever, it has changed consumer expectations and experience in an equally huge way. So what does this mean for the self storage industry who’s operators are generally speaking, vastly stuck in the 1980’s? 


This means that there is massive opportunity to use existing technology to gain a massive competitive advantage over other self storage owners and operators. 


In this episode, Lance is going to share what that opportunity looks like and how you can capitalize on it. 


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