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How to Get Started & How to Build Self Storage Investing Momentum with Tiffannee Boss

July 6, 2022

Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast! This is your host AJ Osborne! 


We’ve got a special guest episode lined up for you all today that I couldn’t be more happy to share with you. Give a huge welcome to the self storage boss herself, Tiffannee Boss. 


Tiffannee started off in the real estate investment journey like a lot of us. She was reading the real estate books and listening to real estate podcasts, and figured she would start off investing in multi-family. This suddenly changed one day when she heard yours truly on the Bigger Pockets podcast talking about the incredible opportunity of self storage investing. 


From that day on, she’s been laser focused on self storage and she’s been absolutely crushing it. She’s invested passively, partnered with others on deals, and recently took down a deal solo. 


That said, she is an absolute wealth of knowledge for any of you who are just getting started on your self storage investing journey, and this is a podcast you won’t want to miss. 


She shares her entire story from start to finish - how she’s built key relationships with lenders, owners, and partners, how she found her first deal, and the keys to success that she’s used to build her investing momentum. These are the same keys we use in my business even today, and these are the same tools that you too can use to build your self storage portfolio. 


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