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The Truth About Debt - How Debt Can Make or Break You

August 19, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast! I’m your host AJ Osborne! 


Debt - there are very few subjects that have gotten as bad a wrap as debt has. Don’t get me wrong, debt when you don’t understand it… can be downright deadly. But debt used as a rocket fuel for generating wealth and income… that’s when debt becomes a massive force of leverage. 


But how? How can taking on debt ever be a good thing? Isn’t buying all cash a better way to go? Isn’t paying off a loan as quickly as possible the best course of action? Yes and no, just like the above gives hint to - it depends on what kind of debt we’re talking about. 


Let’s clear this up once and for all - not all debt is BAD and not all debt is created equal. We have two kinds of debt - consumer debt (which is generally bad and that you should try to avoid). And then we have revenue producing debt (which is the sweet nectar of the gods for investors). 


This is just the tip of the iceberg and I couldn’t be more excited to help shed some light on this subject because I see it and hear it every single day. I hope this helps you more fully understand the different types of debt, when you should and SHOULDN’T be afraid of debt, and when you can use it effectively to help grow your wealth. 


Outside of that, I give a bit of economic back story in regard to capital,  the different types of markets, economic cycles, and more to really take a deep dive on the subject. 


Enjoy everybody and we’ll catch you next time! 



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