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100th EPISODE | Special Edition Listener Q&A

June 22, 2021

Well everybody, welcome to the 100th episode of the Self Storage Income Podcast!! I’m your host, AJ Osborne.

That’s right everybody, we’ve done 100 episodes here on Self Storage Income. We’ve covered a ton of self-storage ground (or square footage you might call it lol). We’ve talked about and shared numerous value add investment strategies, interviewed top leaders in the self-storage industry who are disrupting the self-storage industry in the best possible way, and who are setting new and exciting standards for their facilities and their tenants. We’ve talked about the big picture, goals and how to achieve them, economics, and finance. We’ve shared A LOT! Even what most others have decided to charge tens of thousands of dollars for, all... for free.

But why? Why in the world would I want to start this podcast, write my book(s), and essentially create more of what people would generally call “competition”?

Here’s the deal - first and foremost, when it comes to self-storage.... my company makes money from investing in self-storage. It’s that simple. My goal, strategy, my time, effort, and resources are focused on self-storage investing. This is my bread and butter. It’s NOT focused on making money from what I will loosely call “coaching”. Self-storage is my ticket, not YOUR pocketbook.

Second - self-storage is one of the most incredible industries I’ve ever been a part of. The more I work in coordination with other self-storage owners and operators, the more I help to build a strong self-storage economy and industry… the better the self-storage industry does and the better we ALL do. I’ve said this so many times, but I’ll say it again - success does not happen on an island, and a rising tide lifts all ships. So, the more I help you, the more I help the industry, the better everything gets. What we don’t want is a bunch of people running around in the storage industry not knowing or understanding the self-storage industry. This can spell disaster for healthy self-storage markets as we’ve seen time and time again.

All of that said… let’s get to what we’re all here for. What’s our special 100th episode actually going to actually be about!? It would have to be something epic of course… and it absolutely is. Our episode today is about you guys, our fans, our followers, our amazing supporters.

We’re going to be walking through an intensely in-depth Q&A. That’s right, we’re taking questions right from you guys and giving you answers. So if you’ve ever asked any self-storage questions online whether that’s the self-storage income website, social media, YouTube, or even my personal social media page, then tune in from start to finish. We just might be featuring your question.

Thank you all so much for the incredible support here at Self Storage Income and everything we’re doing. You guys are the best! Here’s to 100 more episodes!

Thanks everybody,


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