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$3.2 Million in 4 Months - An In Depth Look at One of My Self Storage Deals

May 31, 2022

Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast! This is your host, AJ Osborne! 


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I believe self storage can be one of the best investments out there. Whether you’re looking to be a passive investor, or an active, hands on investor, self storage can provide some incredible returns. Today, I wanted to share with you just how great self storage investing can be. And to accomplish this, I wanted to share some numbers with you from a real and recent deal I did. 


I’m going to walk you through this deal, where the value add opportunity was, and how I was able to execute on it - creating $3.2 Million in value in just 4 months. And this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the added value at this facility. This is just bare bones, up and to this point, not even fully stabilized. 


All in all, I wanted to share a real deal with you guys. I wanted to give you a peak at the deals that are still out there today and the kind of wealth generating potential that they can hold. All we have to do is take action and pull the right levers. 


Listen in, get excited about this deal, and get ready to go kick up your own great self storage investment. 



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