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No Money? No Problem! | How to Invest in Self Storage with Little to No Money

July 12, 2022

As you could imagine, I get a ton of questions about all things self storage investing (just look at the comments section on my YouTube channel lol), but one question I get a ton is how much money do I need to invest in self storage? And how do I get money to invest in self storage? 


Like so many others, most of us just don’t have an extra million dollars or several million dollars just sitting around waiting to be invested. And you clearly can’t invest without capital. I’m going to let you in on a little secret - NO ONE has enough money on their own to invest and grow a company as quickly and effectively as those raising capital. You simply cannot scale quickly enough on your own. 


Why do you think these large private equity companies do capital raises? Why do you think companies go public? 


But raising money or bringing in partners isn’t the only way to close great self storage deals. You can also seller finance. 


The fact is, you can invest in self storage without a dollar of your own money. Quit focusing on the sale price and the money - focus on finding a great deal and then build the deal with partners, with conventional financing, or through creative financing such as seller financing. 


We take a deep dive in today’s episode to talk all things financing to help get you off on the right track to building your own amazing self storage deal. 

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