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The Self Storage Industry Today & What the Future Looks Like for Investors with John Lindsey

August 10, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast! I’m your host AJ Osborne! 


Today we have an incredible individual on the podcast who I’m honored to call a great friend - the one and only John Lindsey from the Lindsey Self Storage Group. 


John has a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to self storage. He’s done and is still doing it all - he owns and operates his own facilities, owns and operates a commercial real estate brokerage with an emphasis on self storage, has help partner and form the most powerful self storage co-op in the country, has authored a book, the list seriously could go on and on. 


Today is simply a down to earth conversation about what John is seeing in the self storage industry currently, what he’s seen and experienced in the past, and what he believes is the not so distant future of self storage. 


The self storage industry is not like it used to be. We compressed cap rates, stronger competition, and the space that used to be so fragmented is consolidating at a rapid rate that none of us ever predicted. 


What does all this mean for you? What does it mean for us as self storage investors? 


Hopefully today, we scrape the surface to help answer these questions. 


Thanks for listening everybody and be sure to pick up a copy of John’s book below!



John’s Book - The Sexy Side of Self Storage: An Insider’s Guide to A Necessary Commodity


Connect and keep up with John on the Lindsey Self Storage Group website:


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